Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happiness is not something we find, it's something we create.

Assalaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatahu and Salut a tous :)

yeah.. I'm from Quebec, Canada so I speaka da french. :) (btw...YAY for Canadian hockey team !! you rock! )

I am feeling pretty good today al hamdullilah, despite having a stoopid allergic reaction. my eyeball swelled up! not around the eye..the actual EYEBALL. I am allergic to housecleaning haha.

My insane muslimah sister(she's not really insane, she only thinks she is lol)....insanemuslimahlife.blogspot.com has restarted her blog al hamdullilah and gotten her teenage daughter to start too. I hope that it's gonna be a good way for us to communicate because really I would not have survived this long in my life or marriage without her. Mahsa'Allah. Gonna miss her terribly but I guess it's time for us both to make some changes for ourselves and for our families incha'allah. I am really gonna miss her terribly ! and if you look at her posts..(tear rolling down my cheek) she really gets me. It's really strange how life goes you know. and to think we only actually met in real life this past summer. Seems like I've known her forever and we were just visiting and catching up lol. God really blessed me with her sisterhood. I say sisterhood cause being just friends does not do justice enough to how much she means to me. Masha'Allah.

Anywhow ! I did not sit here to write about this actually it just came out. Sorry for the gushing !! lol ( I am sure there will be more about that subject in the future when I start going through withdrawal of our daily conversations...)
I am truly blessed with a few sisters who I speak to everyday in one way or another. blogs will prob mention them in the future too!.

I wanted to write about my Title for today. I was shuffling for a status on facebook this morning and came across this one. it occurred to me how true this was and how I was just kinda feeling sorry for myself instead of MAKING things better.I used to be this way.. way back when.. dunno what happen to me..but I guess sometimes things happen and bring us to our knees and it's really hard to get back up again. So no more waiting for happiness to find me... gonna go out and get it myself dang it !

So I wanted to share that with y'all. ;)

this , too, I wanna share.. cause I love this song :) I know it's cheesy..but heck... I love it !

Oh and thanks to my new followers...glad to see u :)

Fi Amenallah


Michele/Ama said...

So I guess we are even...I made you cry ..you make me. Your very kind to say such untruthful things. Your one of the most loving thoughtful and considerate person I know..our friendship has been a blessing to me. I also hate you for deserting me now that Im a bum. BTW just because your going back to work ..does not mean Im changing anything..I will sit here all day waiting for you to return to me:P haha jk
Love you karen and love reading your blogs

Michele/Ama said...

P.S. thanks for the free advertising:P

Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaikom,
Alhamdulillah for friends. :)

Creative_Visions said...

As salamu alaikum Anisah.

Lol that song is cute, I've heard it on a movie. I'm thinking Marry Poppins but I'm not forsure.

I definately agree with happiness not being something we find and instead we create it.

Happiness is learned. Many people don't allow themselves to be happy and they don't even realize it. Dwelling on the bad things creates negative energy. Happiness keeps a clean soul. Inshallah I pray that we all attain it. You would think that being happy would be an easy task but for so many it's the most complicated area in thier lives to maintain. If were not happy internally then how can we expect to see it externally?
Great topic sis. Inshallah you and your sis will continue to develop a wonderful relationship!

Anisah said...

Creative Visions... it's sound of MUSIC...:)