Saturday, November 29, 2008

21 weeks, Al hamdulilah

Salam alaykom from the pregnancy war zone !!!
I say that with a good humor ( or trying too lol)They say the second trimester is supposed to be less of an emotional roller coaster..but I don't feel it yet ! May Allah have mercy on my husband hehe.

So like the photo u see here is of the baby :). had it on Friday, Al hamdullilah.
was quite the day. phew.!!
first...Hubby dropped me and my 14 yr old son at the front door of the hospital. We went in while he would park and meet up with us. Too far for me to walk with this sore foot from the parking area. Anyhow... Nick and I were waiting...and waiting.. Hubby was taking so long.. called cell and he said..hunny.. I just had a little accident and the guy is insisting on waiting for police to make report for insurance.. I am so sorry....
I said oh dear... ok.. try to hurry and I will try to stall best I can....
So my 14 yr old gentleman...masha'allah...he took charge.. took mommy's purse for her.. and took me to sit down..and he checked me in...showed me changing room...then to the waiting room. Asked if I wanted him to go help Hubby or stay.. I said better stay..I don;t want you to miss seeing the baby too! We told the nurse what was going on and to try best to stall until hubby got there. Then about 1 min before they called my name he showed up al l. But he was so upset...Imagine..after 3 yrs... 1 waiting for me to make it to him and the other 2 married and waiting for him to to finally have started our family and he has to miss the first ultrasound. But al hamdulillah.. Allah made it possible.
Baby moves a LOT...hard for the technician to get a picture of anything. hehee.. Masha'allah. My 14 yr old was amazed. I was looking at him and remembering not too long ago.. I was seeing him the same way for the first time. Isn't it amazing that he can be there now? Course..i started to cry lol.
My Daughter , 12 did not want to come. She said Babies in the tummy are gross. Ones outside are ok..but I think it's gross. Anyway, they only allowed me to have 2 ppl come along.
We were not able to tell the gender of baby much. Baby had the cord between legs AND the legs crossed. But the Tech had a few seconds of viewing time and said she did not see a penis... and if there was one. it would've shown. So most likely a girl. I wish I knew definitely.. cause I wanna start buying things !! lol Anyway.. gonna be a surprise whether we want it or not ehn?
The tech took all measurements. Which was not easy cause this baby is smart and doesn't seem to appreciate being poked and prodded hehe. Everything is there and proportioned correctly., heart beats great and brain is right size. So healthy baby al hamdullilah. That is really the most important. They spent a lot of time checking out the spine. Which kinda scared me a bit. but In the end the doc said everything is great.
Does anyone have any ideas about a lullaby for our new bundle?
I was thinking this song...

But would like to know if anyone has any islamic ones?
jazak'allah khair

Salsm for now!!

"You won't hear that at Jummah!" - Ummah Films

Friday, November 28, 2008

LMOTP - Mercy Dot Com S3E08

Monday, November 24, 2008

LMOTP - Sweet Sixteen S3E07

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Standing alone...

Salam alaykom y'all.. Im back from the doc's. I gained 5 lbs..which is not too bad...Doc seemed pleased with it. SO I'm 19 weeks this week. Al hamdullilah. Doc won't give me time off work yet though.
IF she gives me time off.. that takes my mat leave time and I will only get 50% of salary. If the workman's comp decides I should be off, then they pay for it instead and I get 90%. No time taken off my maternity leave either. So I just gotta hang in there for that report to come in. Doc suggested that if they don;t make any changes that I call them and explain more. So I will Incha'allah.
lately I have been thinking about my past 2 pregnancies 14 and 12 yrs ago.....There is no way I can b pregnant and not have a husband to share in this..I would really really have a difficult time. in past the kid's Dad was truck driver and gone 6 days out of 7. I lived in a cabin/house..practically in the woods..and heated with wood. I seriously dunno how I got through that !! . Prob one big reason I left their Dad.
I/m older now.and need more emotional and physical support. So I post this video from native deen.
I am thanking Allah for making sure I am not alone this time. Sure I could do it alone..and be ok... but al hamdullilah , I am not. I have been a single Mom for too long. I feel blessed I am having this baby and being married and safe in a halal, Islamic marriage. Allahu akbar.

Sous le Vent.....

Attention... for non music listeners..this video is not for you :)

I just wanted to post this song. I'm not a big fan of french Canadian music but these two artists are an exception. Maybe I am biased because they come from where I come from. Maybe they grew up like me...and we all have same background, so can relate to each other. I dunno...

To me, it's a song about how even when you think things are not the same between a married couple, that it's false and it's about how we are always there for each other and not to forget it.


Marriage Interviews & Dowry

Saturday, November 15, 2008

18 weeks al hamdullilah

Salam alaykom

Well, I have to say..I am too old to be working AND be pregnant at same time. Course it does not help that,. out of 3 secretaries running the place, I am the only one right now. Seriously I am physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted. I really do not know how I am going to make it through this pregnancy with things like this.Afterward will be just as hard , because I will be recovering from surgery. C-section it is for sure...My husband expects to bring his mum from Morocco to help out...which sounds wonderful, but we cannot communicate... She cannot speak..french, english or even Arabic..only Moroccan or Berber.
I am starting to remember how difficult things were after having my , now 12 yr old, and having those staples like a zipper on my gut. Husband works 6 days a week and we have only been together 6 mths. We have not had time to bond as a couple..or work things out to make things go smoothly.

So ya..if you have not noticed by now..I'm scared.. really scared.
On top of this..husband wants to move... which means not have my brother living with us. We do need our own place..but stress of moving...not something I am looking forward too!!

I have a doctor's appointment on Tuesday...and will discuss this all with her. Incha'allah she will give me some time off or maybe put me on 4 day work week.. that would be a relief , just in that. Ultrasound... I am really anxious to have.but on a waiting list and prob wont be called until I'm 21 weeks along..and at last minute too ....wonders of the Canadian health system... but al least I don't have to pay out of my pocket.

So sned me some positive thoughts sisters...

Oh..and Little Mosque did not seem to play this week.. this happens sometimes. Incha'allah this coming week. :)
hang in there !!


Saturday, November 8, 2008

Ummah Films *Season 3* Improving Muslim Schools (in Chicago)

LMOTP - Let Prairie Dogs Lie S3E06

Saturday, November 1, 2008

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