Saturday, November 29, 2008

"You won't hear that at Jummah!" - Ummah Films


Nawal said...

Yeah, I know what Ali means. I used to love going to this really diverse masjid in town but the talks seemed to have little to do with average things in my life. Also the talks on volunteering at the masjid and no one really helping out got annoying. I tried another masjid but only due to the cold air from the fan I fell asleep. I guess third times a charm, and I found one where the talks were enthusiastic and energetic and the topics are applicable.

Anisah said...

Al hamdullilah for that.
I went to Eid prayer for first time this past Ramadan...I could not understand a word. Was sad and very disappointing to me. I'm going to ask hubby about going to another masjid this coming Eid, Incha'allah