Saturday, November 15, 2008

18 weeks al hamdullilah

Salam alaykom

Well, I have to say..I am too old to be working AND be pregnant at same time. Course it does not help that,. out of 3 secretaries running the place, I am the only one right now. Seriously I am physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted. I really do not know how I am going to make it through this pregnancy with things like this.Afterward will be just as hard , because I will be recovering from surgery. C-section it is for sure...My husband expects to bring his mum from Morocco to help out...which sounds wonderful, but we cannot communicate... She cannot speak..french, english or even Arabic..only Moroccan or Berber.
I am starting to remember how difficult things were after having my , now 12 yr old, and having those staples like a zipper on my gut. Husband works 6 days a week and we have only been together 6 mths. We have not had time to bond as a couple..or work things out to make things go smoothly.

So ya..if you have not noticed by now..I'm scared.. really scared.
On top of this..husband wants to move... which means not have my brother living with us. We do need our own place..but stress of moving...not something I am looking forward too!!

I have a doctor's appointment on Tuesday...and will discuss this all with her. Incha'allah she will give me some time off or maybe put me on 4 day work week.. that would be a relief , just in that. Ultrasound... I am really anxious to have.but on a waiting list and prob wont be called until I'm 21 weeks along..and at last minute too ....wonders of the Canadian health system... but al least I don't have to pay out of my pocket.

So sned me some positive thoughts sisters...

Oh..and Little Mosque did not seem to play this week.. this happens sometimes. Incha'allah this coming week. :)
hang in there !!



Habayeb said...

Awww my heart goes out to you...I pray everything goes well for you insha'allah and i also pray you to have a healthy baby Ameen :)

dee said...

Assalamu3alaykum sis... congratulation for the prenancy.. and i hope Allaah make everything easier for you...


Anisah said...

Merci sisters :)
MUCH appreciated.

H.M. said...

Congrats sis, im happy for you:)

Inshallah everything goes smoothly for you, just take it easy, I can only imagine what its like to be glowing with pregnancy...Inshallah hope when the baby arrives its a healthy bouncing bundle of joy, whatever the sex of the baby is.

Hope Allah makes it all easy for you Anisah.

hijabee said...

Mabrook on the pregnancy. May allah make it easy for you!

Anisah said...

hahaha sis. HM. I dunno if I am glowing...mostly scowling hehe.
Incha'allah the doc keep me home to rest some today...
thanks again !!

H.M. said...

Lol, nah I think you will be glowing with happeness:)

and take it easy sis.