Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Countdown is winding down....

Assalaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatahu!

Happy Sunday to everyone ! Incha'Allah, you are all well and high in Imaan. :)

So sorry that I have not written in a week! Time flies sisters!

Yeah..So I am writing this with 15 hours left until back to work! Back to booking appointments, listening to patients complaints...being bossed around by a buncha nurses :) Al hamdullilah. I am excited and a bit scared...not of the job..but getting home at 5 something and having to take care of Jennah..and getting supper for the rest... hoping the teenagers will step up and help more...Incha'Allah.

This week was beautiful masha'Allah. Spring is in the air ! everyday was sunny and I got a lot of walks in...and clothes hung out on the line. I love the smell of clothes dried outside ! I did a lot of spring cleaning..which actually was not cleaning but rather finally organizing my important papers and bills from the past 10 years +. I was so overwhelmed, being a single working mom...taking care of my sick brother...waiting for my husband and trying to be a good new convert. I even traveled like almost 2 hours to work and same back most of this time. Sometimes in a car that didn't even have a heater. ( I would start the slowly another 25 minuted until I reached the Tim Horton;s and got a coffee there, which I held in my hand to defrost the windshield..with mittens on and hood over my head ! ) So opening letters and dealing with bills that I couldn't pay anyway..things just piled up and up and UP. At least I shoved them in one big box..well actually 3 big boxes lol. Anyway it's not quite done..but it's getting there. And yesterday the hubby cleaned out my closet and organized things. Al hamdulillah. I still have those hijabs to take care of but my funds are lacking at the moment, so the baskets I have on the shelf are just gonna have to be re-organized as neat as I can. I have decided on one of two choices. My first one is the cloth hanging shelves with drawers in.. would be super easy to reach and less on the floor.. or option # 2 would be plastic drawers, which would be places on the floor of my closet taking up space, but at least my shelf on top where the baskets are now will be free.. free for I dunno what! lol

The baby has been extra clingy too, not sure if it's cause of teething or that she can sense there is a change coming. She is used to going to daycare now so it will not be a change for her really. She is just so adorable and loving with the right amount of...lets say "spice" . haha the Arab part of her I say...

I've also been in touch with work this week.. getting some things settled. I had been working there over a year and they didn't yet have my name on my office door... so I asked for this... Said well, if u still wanna can me..then let me know instead of having me keep thinking its gonna happen cause I don;t have my name on the door lol In all fairness the person in charge was on mat leave when I started working so.. anyway she said she would get on that ! I don;t think I will be getting my same desk back. but that's ok...I mean the other secretary has been there for like I duno 15 years ! lol She was away on sick leave while I was working too, so I will be getting to work with her.I hear she is super funny and nice...another mommy for me hehe. There is a nurse's aid that works with us and I call her mommy Joanne.
Also I will be wearing a jelaba on my first day back! I wonder how that's gonna go? oh well best they get used to it lol

The worst thing about me going back to work is not being able to "hang" with my friend, Michele...whom I lovingly call Shelli. Masha'Allah..
just read her blog.. masha'allah. It's another reason I have not been writing...I'm sad :( Incha'ALlah we can still keep in touch. I really dunno what I would do without her to set me straight when my stupid brain starts acting up. or cheer me up when I have nothing to be cheerful about..or her Islamic advice and our supporting of each other with our arab husbands :) Most of all sharing our babies life together. I wish that I had the cash to go visit her again. Incha'Allah soon.
Here is the blog.. still no idea how to post a link properly..this blogger thing has changes so ur gonna have to paste and copy in ur browser ;)

Anyways..I loves her much !! Allah blessed me to have you in my life sis :)
Aw I am crying again... happy pills are not working !! lol

ok changing subject before I start blubbering so much I can't stop lol

other day..was walking with baby on sidewalk.. now I usually get stares or people "peeking" at me. Or maybe the usual ignore when I smile at someone passing me on the sidewalk. ( my daughter, Sarah, says I should stick my tongue out at them lol) anyhow... lotsa cars go by on this road and one lady was sooooo engrossed with the hijabi on the sidewalk that she did not notice the car in front of her stop at the stop sign! she came very very close to a big fender bender lol ...
( Ammena texted me to remind me to tell her about it ;) so here it is ) Nothing big .. and noone was hurt..but it's so funny the way people react. Typical of a Quebecer town.. I am sure u have all heard the niqaabi issues we are having ! Most people here have never even left their hometown to see other life in this's kinda sad really.. we threaten their safe little existence. If they would only look outside of the box for once !

Anyway... I better get to work.. I have lots to do today... gonna put some chicken in the crock pot..then in fridge.. so all I gotta do is turn it on in the morning and let it cook all day..! yay for crock pots~!laundry.and preparing mentally...
hoping the hubby will make some paella....incha'Allah.

Keep me in ur prayers ya'll.. gonna need it ! Yesterday , I had somewhat of a meltdown.and pannick attack.. has not happened in a while...Just things seems to be coming at me in all directions...Incha'allah today will be better. I know everyne needs Duaas.. so my duaas are always with you all :)

OHHH also.. finally FINALLY got my new dining room table and chairs !! will post pics as soon as I get things set up around here. Incha'Allah.

FI Amenallah


Adventurous Ammena said...

yay for dining room furniture :) I did comment on Micheles blog and added her to Facebook the other day (that was my add on that caused the deletion of 3 people! lol) I cant wait to hear how you get back into things sis, Im looking forward to it for you :D And thanks for the update on the accident causing hijab ;) I thought it might have been something like that lol.. I do remember being in that Tim's near yours, the stares we got :D Good luck on the new work outfit too ;)

Michele/Ama said...

Salaams.. Karen you made me cry, now I really need to share your happy pills. You did fine at work as I thought you would..too bad I was away and not able to comment sooner.
I always knew your beauty would stop traffic..hahaha:P