Saturday, February 27, 2010

Storing Hijabs...gota be a trick out there someplace!

Assalaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatahu

Well folks.. so like... I have been a full time Hijabi ( I say this because I know a lot of part time ones! ) I have tried a few ways of storing my Hiajbs..but always fail to keep them organized and neat.

First was the hangers...plain hangers... that didn't work.. then a friend/sis (Andi) suggested a laundry basket...wrinkled nope...
now, I have them in these 3 baskets in my closet. at first was very neat..but u have to rifle through to chose. Which ends up in a total mess again with hijab hanging out and eventually falling all over the place. (see the last photo...that's my present way to store my scarves)

So made me wonder...what the heck do other Hijabis do? I did a search and came up with all these different ways. ( see the numerous photos below )

So, sisters.. please comment and help me to find the best way for Hijab storing??



Fruitful Fusion said...

What a great post sis! I'm fairly lucky right now in a way, as here in Saudi it's generally BLACK! But when I'm anywhere else in the world, I have a big pile of scarves to go through, looking for the right one. I think no.14 is a good one and I'd slot the scarves in according to colour!!! :)

BTW, I like the look of the blog these days ma sha Allah.

Nurul said...

mine looks sumtin like no.5. works for me tho :)

Adventurous Ammena said...

Aminah has one of those 3 plastic drawers things. You know what I mean?? the 3 drawers with the wheels.. she puts them colour order.. I have them in my big drawer in the chest, plain, patterned and square coordinated at the moment, but there isnt enough room.. insha'Allah you'll find a way

Michele/Ama said...

Im using the three drawer plastic tote thingy, however I like the ideas of the multi-hole hangers. I wonder if they will wrinkle where the hanger sits. Let me know when u find a great way to keep them.

Creative_Visions said...

As Salamu alaikum Sis Anisah. This is definately a complication for many I see. I myself am having the same issues. Lol I have been using the regular hangers and my scarves always fall down and I am constantly picking them up off the floor. I've been meaning to go to the store and pick out a hanger such as number 8 you have displayed here in the pictures. It would be so convienient to go directly to the color I need with out scrambling. Lol, but shukran for the many ideas. I hope that you have found a solution that works well for you.

Anonymous said...

assalamu alaikom,
i just have them folded and put away in dresser drawers. i have to reorganize it once in a while but whatever... i have them sorted by color and pattern, so that i know all the pinks, reds, purples are in one pile, all the greens and blues in another, all the plain solid color scarves in another, etc.

Rainbow In The Grey Sky said...

mashaAllah ukti you have been through it alhamduilah i just make sure i get non wrinkle fabric and hanfd em on the well.

Anisah said...

Salam alaykom.. thanks for all the comments..
I personally like the number 11 or 14. Incha'Allah I can find this at Winner's one of these days.
I was going to get the plastic drawer thingy, Ammena..I have a few for the hubby in his closet.
yeah Michele..I am trying to get rid of the wrinkles ! the newest hijabs I have are ones that should not be washed often.. soooo..

anyway I hope there are more comments soon..I am really curious how everyone stores them. :)

Incha'Allah Itto will comment.. hint hint. cause she seems to be a crafty Muslimah ;)

Anonymous said...

ohh i would lovee t get no. 5 and no. 10 to store my hijabs!!

Right now i'm doing the plain hanger thing cuz i got no other option..but its really not working for me.. i have like more than half of my scarves lying around haphazardly getting crinkled in my wardrobe!

Anybody know any website where i can buy something like no. 5 or no 10 ??

Itto said...

salam alaikoum sister, that's great thoughts and ideas. thanks for the compliment, but even being crafty, my hijabs mess up as well in a basket and some I pile in my wardrobe...mashallah. so it's not the perfect system. I really like the hangers with holes in it....have to try this... sorry not to have a better idea to come up with ;) love and blessings to you, and by the way, I really love your new outfits for work, mashaallah. may you have a great time back to office (I am curious about what your work is about) and I hope being away from baby will not be too hard.