Thursday, February 18, 2010

ok SO.....Let's try this again....

Assalaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatahu

Thanks to all your comments... After reading them I realized that I made it seem that my life is really that bad. I guess when I am having a bad day, I am going to have to maybe NOT BLOG lol I asked my friend, Michele, to make sure I do not do that again hahaha.

So one of the blogs I read is...
I so enjoy it and it always cheers me up when I am feeling down. Her faith and beautiful way of life really inspires me. Needless to mention that her photos on her blog are very pleasing to the eye ;)
One thing she does on her blog is list the things she is thankful for.
So I am going to follow her example today. Incha'Allah. ( wish me luck ! )

Things that I am thankful to Allah (SWT)( not necessarily in order! );

1-That Allah(WST) guided me to Islam.
2-My three wonderful babies, big and small that bring me joy and happiness with just a touch of their hands or when I simply just think of them. These kids have kept me going when I thought I could no longer continue. Al hamdullilah for them.
3-Family, even though do not call often. I think of you all always. A special mention of my little(not so) Brother whom I love so much.
4-friends and sisters, from past to present and future Incha'Allah. Also ones online and offline. These people have taught me so much and I would not be the person I am without you all. Thank you.. ( u know who u are) that support and listen to my complaints and encourage me to be positive and have more sabr ,patience and faith. I know for a fact that Allah(SWT) brought each of you to me as a blessing.
5- My kitty'cat, Maggie... who always comforts me when I am sad and wants just to be near me and feel a little stroke(petting) now and then.
6-All hamdulilah for coffee!!
7-My job, which brings me satisfaction and the ability to help patients and their families with chronic diseases.
8-I can't write a list here without mentioning spaghetti. ( laugh all u want ! )
9-Thankful for not living in the city.
10- Even if things are not so great at the moment... I thank Allah (SWT)for my husband. I only married once in my lifetime and I chose that man to be him for a reason. May Allah hep us to become closer and be able to get through difficulties with more compassion, patience and love. Incha'Allah.

Well... I am thankful for so many is for Itto and the idea to be positive like this. These are just things that come to mind at the moment.

The weekend is coming and there is going to be a lot of action around here. The two older teenagers will be staying home this weekend.. ( kinda, cause really I am going to have to drive them EVERYWHERE lol) So today , I am going to have to cook up some snacks...cause they are hungry teenagers !

Please make duaa for my mother in law who is presently going through chemotherapy for breast cancer. She has little support, care and money. She is being so strong and not complaining at all. May Allah ease her suffering and heal her soon. Ameen

Have a great day all !

P.S. sis...I fixed the picture thing.. it was that I changed the setting to the NEW EDITOR. So now I changed it back to the old..but I wanted to put the little thing at end of blog that has the choices..interesting...coool.. etc.. and I see it in my layout posting settings.. but not in the actual post... tres etrange !


eyes serene said...

Assalamu alaikom,
Well, I think blogging is good for all moods, good and bad... Writing is so cathartic. So... if it helps you to write during the bad moods... We're here for you, to listen, to offer encouragement, to show some love. :) I know, it's easy to get the wrong impression online. I didn't take it that your whole life sucks. I just figure you've got a lot on your plate right now and you were talking about it, is all. I *want* to be your friend for the good and bad. ;) Taking time to make a "grateful" list is such a good idea. I tend to forget what I ought to be on my knees thanking God for. I tend to get caught up too much in the things that give me stress and anguish! I should do this, too, even if it's not something I blog, but just something I make time to think about a few times a week... Anyway... take care, darling. :)

Ahsin said...

glad to see u got the pic thing sorted alhamdulillah ;)

Anisah said...

thanks Eyes :)

Did Ahsin really make a comment? or wuz it the wifey?

Nermine said...

Coucou toi ;)

Salam dear,

Am really glad that youare back blogging i missed your page and words and I must admit that this time you beat me!! Look at the beauty and peace in this page. I love the colours , the photos, the blue and pink ... amazing;) I will be back inshaAllah to read more of you. Till then

Walk in peace xox

Umm Salihah said...

Assalam-alaikam Sister,
I am glad to see that you are feeling more upbeat. I had a nasty dose of the baby blues too after my youngest was born and had no idea how I would beat it. But things slowly get better and you feel strong and capable again.

I bet it feels wrenching going back to work, but you will slot back into things like a pro insh'Allah.