Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Anisah is back....

Assalamu Aleikum.

Welcome to the re-opening of my blog. I am not where I will start again. Maybe I will explain that I had stopped blogging because of lack of time and post-partum depression. A big part of my absence was also due to the fact that it is really difficult to adjust and become a family when we have so many cultures and stress going on.

Which brings me to the reason I decided to blog again.

I want to have a place of peace and learning in my life. Incha'Allah. Some happiness would be nice. Maybe share my tests and hopefully help or console others going through tests and trials of their own.

My maternity leave is almost over. I go back to work on March 15th. I have mixed feelings of this and wondering really if I can even cope... but al hamdullilah not that I have a choice ! since I am the one that supports our family. I will miss my little sunshine and who really gives me so much happiness. But I am blessed with a year off..which is more than most people get.

I will be going back part time. 4 days a week. Al hamdullilah. I could've gone back only 3 days..but two reasons I decided against this. One was financially....I need the money badly. Secondly, they will not have anyone to replace me on my days off , so I would have to do 5 days of work in 3 days. I think that will be too difficult. Also the clinics in which I oversee happen on these days.

I am looking forward to getting my independence back. No one looking over my back on every move I make ! I kinda feel like a prisoner in an Islamic marriage , to tell you the truth. I just pray that I can look after the family AND work successfully.

So this blog will also be about Islam of course. :)

so.. that's all for now until I can think of a topic I want to blog about. Until then.. Salamz !


Candice said...

I'm glad to see you back writing on your blog! It'll be good for you to get some things out and just discuss and get feedback from others.

About going back to work, I think you'll feel good in this independance, even though you'll definitely miss your lil one. It can be nice to just get away and do your own thing. It was like that for me when I started working. As much as I missed my daughter, it was nice to get a break from home. Being married to an Arab is SO hard! And so *not* Islamic in a lot of ways (depending on who you get though for sure).

Anisah said...

yeap Candice...yep...*sigh*
Al hamdullilah for good days ehn?

El-Tea said...

a prisoner in an islamic marriage! dem be fightin words!

Itto said...

salam alaikoum sister anisah, I am so happy to have your news although they are quiet sad in some points...
I agree that bi-cultural-marriages can be very hard sometimes, especially in situations when the husband has no chance to work and to feel useful in a foreign country...it is a hard time to go through if you as a woman have to be the carer for the family and the wife and mother in the same time.
I wish you sabr' and that Allah makes things easy for you.
please do not let enter the devil between you and your spouse, inchaallah, with patience and mercy and a lot of Dua' you will continue and regain love between you both!
love and blessings, itto

marie said...

Salam Anisah
Bien contente que tu sois de retour.
I'm sad to read all the hardship that you've been through, in sha Allah things will settle down and you will be able to slip into a comfortable routine.
It's going on 2 years since my marriage to my palestinian husband, I have to say that it took some adaptation but never did I feel like I was not his equal in every sense of the way.
Some are not the stereotype arab,we do put Islam first in our lives and it has made things easier.


Anisah said...

El-Tea... yeah they is ehn? :P shouldn't be this way and I love Islam.. but well u know !

Welcome Itto !!! so glad u stopped by! Jazak'Allah Khair for the Duaa... One of my favorite thins to achieve my inner peace is to read and see your blog , Masha'Allah.

maryam !! whoa... je ne savais pas tu t'es marriee? Boy have I been out of the loop !! Do you have another blog other than Multiply? Cause I really don't wanna open an account there again incha'Allah but I would love to read ur wonderful blogs again !

Adventurous Ammena said...

woohoo.. glad to see you back on here masha'Allah.. as for the 'I kinda feel like a prisoner in an Islamic marriage' I think youre just having problems in your marriage sis, dont attribute it to the religion because it isnt that way. U know how we see muslims not doing what they should, its not the religion.. its them! insha'Allah it will get better.. cant believe its been so long since u last blogged.. at least u keep up to date with others though, so I look forward to reading ur new blogs. Also, cant believe they are making u do the same amount of work just cutting your days down... that aint part time to me!! Quebecers ;)

eyes serene said...

Assalamu alaikom, and yay! ;)

I'm glad to see you're back to blogging. I hope things improve for you and you find some happiness and contentment. Actually, I hope you find the future holds tons and tons of happiness for you. :)