Sunday, September 7, 2008

7 weeks and 5days exactly....

Salam alaykom....This was a blog I did last Monday, September 1st.

Well sisters, I have not been feeling too great past few days and this am had some spotting and sharp pains , so I went off to the ER.

This is the result !!! Baby is great, al hamdullilah. We saw the heart beat fast and strong,Masha'allah.

I guess I have some sort of infection some place. Have a high white blood count. Spotting has stopped and pains are very rare. I'm tired but can't seem to settle down. Probably because of being so excited to see the baby hehehe. I have a follow up blood test tomorrow am.

So keep us in your duaas pls. Not only this , but we are facing a few .lets call them "tests" at the moment. Guess it's normal considering everything. Incha'allah.

now off to try to nap again hehehe.

Salams !!


Anonymous said...

Awwww masha'Allah sis - so that's you lickle tiny baby there in the pic?!

Du'as for you though - may Allah rectify your affairs and make things easy, ameen,

Anisah said...

yeap that him/her..!!! things are getting easier already, al hamdullilah. bt I am certainly not 22 anymore !! lol