Thursday, August 6, 2009

Still here....

Salam Alaykom to you all.
First I want to apologize for not writing a blog. A fellow blogger recently wrote to em and said.. I forgot you had a blog, but you have no entries. So I decided to start it up again. Al hamdullilah
As many of you may know, I had a baby on April 3rd. A beautiful baby girl, Jennah. Masha'allah. This is a picture of us on our vacation a few weeks ago.
I have to say.. having a baby at 39 is not easy. However it is very rewarding.
I have been overwhelmed and really not enough energy to even think, but al hamdullilah it is getting better. My marriage has been rocky, but I guess every marriage, during the first year together is hard. Incha'allah we can work things out and everything can be ok. We had a lot to handle this first year ( which is coming up on Sept 8th).
I'm breastfeeding too, with success , al hamdulilah. I am very proud of this. 'cause that too is not an easy thing !! She is just now, at, 4 mths , starting to give me some free time and occupy herself.
We moved to a smaller place and its been a month and I still have nothing set up properly. Incha'allah soon.
My two older kids, 15 and 12 help me out immensely, Al hamdullilah Thank God for them!!
I dunno much what to say... I have been secluded and kinda feel like a prisoner in my own home these days..but Incha'allah I will be getting out more now.I have a few sisters that I miss terribly...they are either moved away...vacationing or live just far enough that I can't easily go see them.
on bright side, Ramadan is near !!! I am excited about this and since I am home and not working ( mat. leave), then I am hoping to be able to make this a good experience incha'allah. I feel sad about not fasting again this year. But I talked it over with the husband..and we both feel it would be too much of a strain on everyone and since I have been bleeding a lot... it might not be a good idea. Also baby need her vitamins ;)
Anyway... this is short and doesn't say much... I hope to gradually write more, Incha;allah.
I would , however like to welcome a new sister in the Mulsim world :) A new Shahada... "C" Masha'allah she recently said her Shahada and I am so excited for her to be discovering the beauty of the deen and May Allah bless her with much sabr and happiness. The journey is not an easy one, but it is rewarding and incha'allah will grant you jannah...Welcome !! hug....xox

salams fer now


Adventurous Ammena said...

masha'allah :) Good to hear from you sis.. although I prob hear more from you than many of your readers Im sure you dont tell me everything and youre always so busy with the wee one masha'allah.. so im still awaiting new pics ;) modelling the clothes maybe ;) hehe fi amenallah

itto said...

salam alaikoum sister,

and thanks for the new entry. I love the pic of you. I am sorry that I asked if you had a blog, later I discovered that I've been already visiting and even commenting here... I am happy you are back!
keep up the good work.

masalama, itto

Anonymous said...

Salam Anisah, nice to read some news,ma sha Allah, nice pic.I am happy to see you are well.
Maryam from Multiply

eyes serene said...

Assalamu alaikom,
Anisah, it's SO GOOD to hear from you!!! Masha'Allah, what a lovely photograph, look at that little sweetheart. :) Yeah, the first year, you pretty well don't have a moment to breathe, let alone browse around online and post blogs and stuff. So it's totally understandable. I really look forward to any posts you make! I wish you and your husband well, insha'Allah, things improve. The first year IS really hard, sometimes even the first few. LOL Take care!

Anisah said...

Thanks you all :)
eyes... a few>?lol I ain't gonna last that long haha.
Hi Maryam :) wa-alaykom salam.

Candice said...

Great to see you on back on blogger! I hope you do start posting back, even though we stay in touch a bit on Facebook :)

Hope to meet you irl very soon.

Quest said...

I'm so happy for "C"! MashaAllah this kind of new always makes my day.