Friday, August 7, 2009

Daily stuff...

Salam alaykom and Jummah Mubarak to everyone

I have yet to attend a Jummah..and been Muslim since 2004... can you imagine? Incha'allah that will end soon since we have a little prayer musallah in our community now, Al hamdullilah.

So ya.. that's the baby driving haha.. ya think I will get into trouble like that Dad on youtube that filmed his son driving the car?lol
Jennah loves to stand.. and when we put her behind the wheel, she showed me that she has her mom's driving soul. ( I once owned a 1980 camaro...grew up a mechanic's daughter ;) ) hehe. Masha'allah she has a lot of fun this little baby.

my day to day things include.. my precious morning coffee....breastfeeding most of the day..and trying to get dishes done, some laundry and hopefully a meal for everyone. My Husband actually helps me out a lot with the meals. Al hamdulillah.. one of the plus' of marrying a cook.:) the downside to that is he has also been a bachelor most of his 37 yrs, and I dunno if you have any idea how bachelors cook? but it ain't pretty !! lol

Ammena, You're gonna have to show me how to put pictures in the blog...I only know how to do the main one. ;)

I've been on maternity leave since....March. I gotta tell ya..I miss work !! I miss the patients...I miss helping people. I felt rather important. I still do at home, but I am not the type to be a full time stay at home mom, I gotta have something else to stimulate my brain. I go back around next feb. incha'allah.

We moved last Month and I am still unpacking. It's taking forever.. I HATE..really HATE moving. It's one of those things when you really DON"T wanna do something it just takes forever... that's what's going on here hehe.

Ramadan is coming.. I wanna get some decorations... I looked for some lights to put up..the Xmas kind..but noon has them for sale this time of year. Any ideas gals?
I am so anxious to get out and visit people and share in a REAL Ramadan this year.
There is a Moroccan family that lives close to me, but they are away this Ramadan... which is sad.. but al hamdullilah. C'est la vie !!

My other two kids have really grown up this summer... masha'allah.especially my daughter who will be turning 13.. ya THIRTEEN ! in October, Incha'allah. She went away for a week to visit her grandparents and came back a lady....she is now taller than I. She also became a woman as well ( if ya get my drift ;) ) but she has no desire to hijab whatsoever. makes me wonder what's in store for the little one... will she want to? will she rebel and say.well my older sis doesn't !! why do I have to?May Allah help me guide her when the time comes.
Sarah.. the soon to be 13 yr old... she is coming back from Arthritis Camp tomorrow. I love that she has a place to go where I do not have to worry if she is missing out on fun because she is scared of the pain or bringing attention to herself cause she won't have the stamina as the others do. Also...the security that if.. she does have a flare up..there are nurses and doctors there to take good care of her. They work hard to boost the kid's self-confidence. Al hamdullilah.

Nick the 15 yr old.. has been being a mama's boy this week.. it's nice to spend time with him.I am so proud of him and what a nice little ( even though he is almost 6 feet tall now ) man he has become. He's off to play basketball today...I'm hoping he works really hard with that this com9ng school year. I think it would be a plus in his finding a good college. Incha'allah

Today is a nice day.. very cool and sunny.. I'm gonna clean up a bit... then go outside with the baby and read her some Islamic baby books and lay in the sun. We need some Vit. D :)
Salams to y'all :)


Laila Of Course! said...

Aww, Mashaallah, what a lovely post. :) And I'm happy to see that your youngest has a natural aptitude for driving like her mom, hahah!
Just discovered your blog and am loving it!

Please be sure and drop by, leave a note & follow!


Anonymous said...

Assalamauaalaikum, sis
Masha'allah, good blog.
DO you visit my blog, plz?

Nawal said...

Mashallah, thats so cute, the little one is driving.
Im glad my husband also cooks from time to time, while Im caring for our 2 month old. It is getting harder for me to get the sleep i need especially in morning when just one more hour would do it.
Unfortunately, I dont drink coffee but I might have to start with morning tea regiments...have a ncie day