Tuesday, March 10, 2009

OK...I got a beef !!

Salam alaykom all.

Day before last I got an invitation from our new local Masjid...to join them in celebration of Eid. I said.excuse me? I thought there were only 2 Eids?
Then it dawned on me...OMG they are celebrating the Prophet Mohammed's (sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam) birthday !!??

Ok here is my beef... if I wanted to celebrate a prophet's birthday...and if I thought this was okayyyyyyyyyy then why would I not celebrate Christmas !!?? Aren't we supposed to put all the messengers in the same boat?? I find this almost offensive..I am sorry...it actually hurts me. May Allah forgive me....
All messengers have same message. Its just the followers took in a wrong way or changed it to suit themselves. Ok.Ya I am upset..

I invite you to read this link...


and what do I say to my husband's family when they call to say Eid Mobarak...and to this kind invitation to go to the masjid?

I firmly believe God gave us all the distinction between right and wrong..and what has made most of Muslims is this very gut feeling. So like.. I feel this so strongly and its so clear to me..why is not for others?

I'm just so upset :( must be preggo hormones..


Habayeb said...

Ya know I was one of those who thought it was okay to fast on the day..but alhamdulilah Allah guided me to search for the truth and now its SO CLEAR! I mean im getting pissed off at why people arent tryina research and accept the truth? I keep hearing "we are just expressing our love" but is there ANY proof from the sunnah to do it THIS way?!!! Obeying and following the prophet is the BEST way to express our love for him PERIOD!

Anisah said...

yeap I agree...esp. the last part...
research is always good.. ok..but when you use it to justify your way into innovations... nuhuh...not good

Umm Ismail said...

Well you can lead a horse to water but you can't make them Drink!! this a yearly thing and Folks have no no Respect to not Caring or Ignorance what ever the case. REad REad Read is the key to fight Ignorance and be free of innovations. We can be Free of this if we Try to hold close to to Rope of Allah, if we make the Effort to Read... Bid'nillah


Haajar said...

Actually, the Prophet, peace be upon him, celebrated his own birthday by fasting as has been rigorously authenticated. Mawlids for our beloved prophet, May Allah Bless him and give him peace, are an accepted Sunni tradition in order to celebrate the life of our Prophet, peace be upon him. The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, is actually the greatest of the Messengers that Allah, subhana wa t'ala, sent to us. There is no way to become educated in Islam without studying with true scholars. You cannot just pick up a hadith or an ayat of the Quran and interpret them according to your feelings. To do this is to abandon the Muslim scholarly tradition that has existed since the time of the early scholars. These are salafi/wahabi views, although dominant in the West, they represent only 10% of all of the Muslims in the world. The Salafis broke off from Sunni Islam and are considered innovators by ALL of the major scholars in the world. Unfortunately, Muslims in the West don't have that perspective and instead they are encouraged by compelling arguments for dismissing the majority of Islamic scholarship for a new interpretation of the Quran and Sunnah.

May Allah the most High grant the Muslims Success, Increase us in Truth and Knowledge, Guide us on the Right Path, and Give us the highest places in Jannah. Ameen

Anisah said...

I'm really sorry Haajar.,, All messengers are supposed to be treated same.after all isn't Essa at Allah's side right now waiting to be sent to save us from a false prophet? So if I am to celebrate one prophet's birthday.. I should celebrate them all. It's only logical.
I suggest that you look into the history of the other messengers, Incha'allah. Maybe it will enlighten you on their importance.

Anisah said...







I dunno how much clearer it can be... it's innovation and bidah.

Haajar said...

There is no verse in the Qur'an that states that Prophets are equal. Rather, the penultimate verse of Surat al-Baqara and other verses state that we should not make any differences in our belief in the Prophets but believe in all of them without excluding any. As for the superiority of the Prophet Muhammad, upon him blessings and peace, over all others then no Muslim denies it and it is a matter of mass transmission.

The traditional scholars generally agree that it is in itself permitted to celebrate the Prophet's birthday (Allah bless him and give him peace), as long as the celebrations are free of the unlawful or reprehensible, such as free intermingling of the sexes, excessive wasteful spending, and the like, and it is not held to be something necessary to do such that those who chose not to participate are considered to be in error. Those traditional scholars who criticize it do not criticize the event itself, but these related excesses. As they themselves admit, if these matters are not found, the event itself is permitted.

The sites which you have posted are all considered to be those of Salafis/wahabis. If you choose to be a salafi, that is your choice alhamdulillah. But, I hope that you choose to seek an education with reputable scholars so that you can make an educated decision. Finding so-called 'fatwa' and Islamic knowledge from the internet is very dangerous and is not considered 'seeking knowledge'.
Submission to Allah, the most high, through true knowledge will make you enlightened, it will transform you.

Haajar said...

The Qur'an states we should not make any distinctions of believing in one of them and disbelieving in another. This is a reference to the Christians who make a difference between the Prophets on the one hand and the Prophet Muhammad on the other; and to the Jews who reject `Isa in addition.

Otherwise, the Qur'an itself states, {Of those messengers, some of whom We have caused to excel others, and of whom there are some unto whom Allah spoke, while some of them He exalted (above others) in degree...} (2:253). Allah also mentions "the Messengers of inflexible purpose" (ulil-`azm 46:35).

Furthermore, the Sunna is replete with explicit statements to the effect that our liege-lord Muhammad is the greatest of the Prophets and Messengers as well as the best of creation including the angels brought near and this is a matter of *explicit Consensus* which is more binding than the Qur'anic proof because it is not open to interpretation - not even false interpretation.