Sunday, August 17, 2008

1st blog.....

Salam Alaykom,

Hi ! I'm Anisah. I converted in 2004....and had some struggles. Eventually in 2006, I repented completely and was rewarded with marriage to a wonderful Moroccan man. Masha'allah. We got married in Morocco on September 8th, 2006. He Only arrived here in Canada May 23rd, 2008. LONG WAIT!!! but al hamdullilah.

I am blessed with 2 wonderful children from a previous relationship ( before Islam was a part of my life ) , Nick , who is 14 and Sarah, who is 11. They are what have kept me going in this world and inspried me to hang in there. They really are the two best kids anyone could ever ask for.Masha'allah. Both are my heros. Sarah was born with Juvenile Rhumatoid Arthitis. She has been in pain all her life. had to go through physcial Therapy, wearing braces, strong meds...and lots of tests and one surgery. She never ever complains and she smiles and is blessed with a healing touch, Masha'allah. Nick... he is the compassion one that takes care of us all including his friends and anyone that is less fortunate than he is. When he was in grade one he packed a bad of his things to take to school. I asked why he did this. He was going to give it to a child who had holes in their clothes and did not have new clothes. Or ..when I had to inflict pain on his sister for her physcial therapy, he would play his guitar to distract her and would cry along with her. Al hamdullilah for them.

Thelatest thing in my life.. well our a new addition. I am pregnant !!! I am 38 yrs old now..and , yeap..gonna have a baby!! I'ts important to me that my husband feels the joy of holding his own flesh and blood in his arms. There really is no feeling better than that. It is truly a miracle and blessing from Allah (subhana wa ta'ala). Right now I am 6 weeks along..I think... not comfirmed yet though.

This is my first blog here. Like every other blog I have done, it has all been inspired by my dear sister in Islam, Ammena :) May Allah bless her always for her good intentions and her special way of encouraging those around her in the deen. Masha'allah :)

What I like about this Blogger thing is that there is no stupid drama. It has an intelligent format and the people who seems to write here have something important to share rather than pick at others. Al hamdullilah.

I am not sure yet, what kind of blog this will be about..... probably a mix of things and whatever tickles my fancy or that I have to get out. ( pregnant women need an outlet lol, especially one married to a north-africain !) or maybe even just recepies or Islamic info I want to share. What i like about this blog too, is that it's not blocked at work like the others I have joined in the past lol

Hope you enjoy and visit often incha'allah :)


ammena said...

masha'allah, look forward to reading your day to day thoughts :)